students attendance

ools such as Active Monitoring, Recorded observations and interventions, Attendance and the Support Plan are available in Mozaïk-Portal

individualized education plan indicators

To identify students’ difficulties and adaptation strategies

Support Plan

To track your students’ progress and support your school teams

Mozaïk-Batch communications

To reach a large number of parents and students



There are 2 ways to connect to Mozaïk-Portal: directly on the website or through Office 365.

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To record a mark, select the group for which you want to record marks, click the evaluation tab and enter the marks in an existing activity.

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There are two ways to access the record of a particular student: by using the student’s name or the group he belongs to.

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Since all emails sent by Mozaïk-Portal go through Outlook, you can find previous emails in the Sent Items section.

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Taking attendance is very easy. From the home page, go to your schedule. Click the period for which you want to take attendance.

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