Mozaïk-Portal: an essential platform to simplify preparation for the school year!
Do you already know how to take attendance, enter academic results for report cards, send emails and share information using Mozaïk-Portal? Great!
But remember, there’s much more to the portal than just those features.
It has a host of tools to simplify your life and—best of all!—save you precious time, which you can then spend with your students in the classroom or with your school teams.
Take a look, or have a second look, at the portal’s incredibly useful features.
Simplify your back-to-school, today!

Tools to simplify your back-to-school experience!


Class plan

A tool you can use to visually represent your classroom layout and locate your students more quickly. You also have the option to display different indicators directly in your seating plan: Active Monitoring information and accommodations. You can also enter attendance via the seating plan. Why do without?

Course outline

All the activities you have planned for the school year. It can also be carried over from year to year. You can start creating your lesson plan even before your groups are assigned!

Active monitoring

Looking for a quick and easy way to track the progress of your students and groups? Your academic tracking tool will analyze your students’ results in real time. The two levels of analysis show you changes in academic performance that need special attention, in one subject or for all of a student’s subjects.


This is a simple way to create and share online resources, or any type of document stored in a cloud space. You can keep your bank of resources from year to year, group them however you wish, and share them with parents and students any time you want.


OIM (Observation and Intervention Monitoring)

OIM is a behavioural tracking tool that centralizes all information on student behaviour and feeds that information into the dashboards of authorized personnel. It’s a quick way to check in on what’s happening at your school.

Automated protocols and follow-up events

This module enables you to create and automate alerts based on the specific problems encountered in your school. These alerts will be triggered in your follow-up events, notifying you of the actions to be taken as defined in the protocol.

Getting the school year off to a good start | Your checklist !


  • Check my student list, my groups and the information in student records
  • View my groups and create my seating plan(s)
  • Create my lesson plans and assign them to my groups
  • Organize my online resources in My Resources
  • Send an initial email to all my students and parents to inform them of my communication plan for the year via messages on the portal
  • Create my comment bank for report cards
  • Ask my administration to open support plans
  • Find out from the administration which automated protocols will be used this year
  • Schedule my activities and homework

School administrations

  • Verify automated protocols (validate the people responsible and the descriptors used)
  • Check the list of people responsible for support plans, and update it if changes are required
  • Consult the history of entries in the OIM for certain students as needed
  • Create new student filters or modify your current filters to facilitate communication and make it easier to consult Active Monitoring and OIM


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