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How do I record a mark?

Recording a mark or result is very easy.

  1. Select the group for which you want to record marks.

  1. Click the Evaluation tab:
  • By default, this takes you to the Activity section.


  1. You now have two options:
  • Click an existing activity and enter the marks.
  • Create a new activity.
Existing activity

There are two ways to record marks:

  • In List view (limited to the selected activity).

  • In Table view (all activities created for the term)
    • Click the Table icon (second icon at the top right) to change views.
To create an activity
  • Click Add an activity.
  • Complete the form.
  • Click Save at the top of the form.
  • Enter the results.

Worth knowing

You can use keyboard shortcuts to record marks quickly in Mozaïk-Portal

Going further

Help video: :Enter and modify the results of activities

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