These days, everyone is talking about things like artificial intelligence and data valuation. You’ve also been hearing about our data management products Mozaïk-dVision and Mozaïk-dStudio. So what are they exactly, and how do they impact you? We’re giving you simple but detailed explanations to better understand the somewhat abstract concepts involved.

Results and their impact on the school network

When you enter an item in the portal, a chain reaction is automatically triggered. Find out how in the video!

*Video available in French only.

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Basic lexicon

Because data doesn’t have to be so complicated. Understand the concepts in simple language!

News for teachers

News for school principals



How your day-to-day work can impact the entire network – Teachers’ article

All teachers and school staff use various computerized tools to enter information on the progress and behaviour of their students. The information entered in a …

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School principals

Mozaïk-dVision: helping you make decisions

Through Mozaïk-dVision, GRICS provides you with solutions that help you make decisions concerning your school body. To do this, we put different tools at your …

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OIM understands your students!

  OIM (Observation and Intervention Monitoring) is a centralized tool integrated into Mozaïk-Portal that effectively monitors student behaviour. Complete with a bank of graduated descriptors …

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