Mozaïk-Portal, an essential platform
for the first report card
The school year is already in full swing. It’s the right time for teachers and school teams to create an initial portrait of each student in their classroom and their school.
What are each student’s strengths and challenges, and what issues are different groups facing? You want to form as accurate a sense as possible of where things stand at this point in the school year.
Your portal will help simplify your life and, above all, save you precious time that you can spend on more important things: in the classroom, with your students.
Take a look, or have a second look, at the portal’s incredibly useful features.
Simplify your life, today!

Tools to make it easier to prepare for the school year


Planning evaluated activities

Looking for a quick and easy way to create evaluated activities? Want your students to have the information on these activities in their portal? And for the dates to appear in their calendar? Want to inform parents and students on results? The planning tool will be your greatest ally. With just a few clicks, you can create evaluations (from simple to complex), write instructions and explanations for students, and even add hyperlinks. You also have the option of modifying them later and reusing them for other groups.

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Here are a few videos to help you create evaluated activities and properly enter the results.


Your activities have been created, the students have completed the evaluation and you’ve finished correcting. Now it’s time to enter the results in the portal and let it do its work! Say goodbye to calculating by hand: your group's average will be generated automatically, and you can share all the information with parents and students without further actions. Want to use all of these results for the report card? With a single click, you can enter the results in the report card, and the calculation is done automatically.

Comment bank

Tired of copying and pasting every step of the way when filling out report cards? Did you know that you can create a bank of personalized comments that you can reuse at any time? Why compose similar messages again and again? Create standard comments, which you can then personalize for each student when filling out report cards. It’s another quick and easy way to save time!

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Access to groups tile

As part of the school administration, you don’t have a lot of information on the different groups at your school. There's a solution for you: the “Access to groups” tile in your Mozaïk-Portail workspace. You can see the results through active monitoring; but if you also want to know a group’s average or access their activity results, you can go through your “Access to groups” tile. It’s a quick and easy way to get an overview of different classes.

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