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How do I request a read confirmation in Mozaïk-Portal?

When you send an email from the Portal, check the Request read confirmation box in the New message window to ask for confirmation that your message has been read.

Now, when recipients acknowledge having read your message, you will receive a confirmation email in your Outlook inbox.


You should be aware that some email service providers do not display read confirmation messages to recipients. As a result, you will not receive read confirmations from recipients who cannot see your request.

Worth knowing
  • When working with emails, you can:

  1. View all messages sent by Mozaïk-Portal in your Outlook Sent Items box
  2. Switch from the Portal interface to your Outlook mailbox by clicking Open in Outlook in the email editing window
  3. Save a draft of your message
    • Saved messages are found in the Outlook Drafts folder
  4. Attach a document
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