How your day-to-day work can impact the entire network – Teachers’ article

All teachers and school staff use various computerized tools to enter information on the progress and behaviour of their students.

The information entered in a tool like Mozaïk-Portal, for example, represents a wealth of data that can help the entire school network promote the success of the greatest number of students.

To illustrate the usefulness of these data, let’s consider academic results.

Automated and convenient sharing

Teachers are accustomed to collecting the results of activities (work, homework, evaluations, etc.) that they implement to monitor their students. Choosing to enter all the results of activities in Mozaïk-Portal rather than in another medium (for example, an Excel file or a logbook) has several advantages.

Each time a teacher adds a result in Mozaïk-Portal:

  • students and parents are automatically notified on their respective portals (if the teacher wishes)
  • Active monitoring is updated for:
    • teacher colleagues
    • the principal
    • resource staff
    • the student

Data for decision makers

In addition, the information is automatically entered into the organization’s database. The data is also shared to the Mozaïk-dVision and Mozaïk-dStudio decision support tools, which provide reports and dashboards to the principals and director general. These tools make it easier to track success and, in some cases, predict the risks of failure.

Data for the entire network

By entering the results in Mozaïk-Portal, teachers share their professional judgment not only with students, their parents and the school team, but with the entire school organization.

The anonymized data even reaches the MEQ, which will have reports and dashboards that will show the situation across the entire education network.

This could also eventually apply to other information entered in Mozaïk-Portal on a daily basis, such as attendance and behaviour.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using Mozaïk-Portal to its fullest extent.

To learn more about Mozaïk-Portal, consult our FAQ!

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