OIM understands your students!


OIM (Observation and Intervention Monitoring) is a centralized tool integrated into Mozaïk-Portal that effectively monitors student behaviour. Complete with a bank of graduated descriptors that categorize the seriousness of behaviour and standardize how observations and interventions are recorded, OIM includes a dashboard so users can understand the behaviour of a group (teacher), specific students (support worker) or the entire school (principal) at a glance.


OIM (Observation and Intervention Monitoring)

  • • Makes it easy to record observations and interventions:
    • o Real-time data collection and monitoring in order to identify changes in a student’s school life.
    • o Recorded observations point to the most effective interventions for a particular student.
  • • Links observations with an intervention to build a consistent history of actions taken.
  • • Prevents repetitions of ineffective interventions.
  • • Analyzes student behaviour by location and presents a full understanding of the behavioural record.
  • • Interprets facts based on the frequency and intensity of behaviours rather than on emotional reactions to a difficult situation.
  • • Provides a better understanding of students so guidelines can be established for school interventions. 

In addition, Automated Protocols can be used to individualize shared information in accordance with how the school operates. Everyone involved in monitoring a student can be informed about any new observation or intervention concerning that student. If desired, observations and interventions can be shared with parents and students.

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