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What is the student confidential file (SCF)?

After a network-wide consultation (22 SBs and over 400 people), we found that there was a need for a lighter version of the individualized education plan. The plan should only be used in very specific situations where no other means are available.

A: The SCF is the student confidential file, which is currently held in the school administration’s office. The idea is to make this file available in Mozaïk-Portal, while ensuring the necessary confidentiality.

Phase 1: Support plan (already available)

The SCF features support plans that can be used to implement means and carry out follow-up and evaluation. The administration creates the plans, but someone else (a teacher or resource staff) can be put in charge of selecting means and follow-up, depending on each student’s case.

For institutions that do their individualized education plans in the SPI, the PDF link to the individualized education plan will be available under the SCF tab, as well as in the current location in the student’s record.

Following phases (to come)

We are planning to add more elements to the SCF:

  • A digital individualized education plan that meets the MEQ’s expectations
  • A space where all the documents related to the student can be grouped, such as:
    • Opinions from specialists
    • Professional evaluations
    • Professional recommendations
    • Various reports
    •  Etc.

Good to know

Ultimately, the student confidential file will follow the student throughout their academic career, regardless of the school organization.


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