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What is the difference between a post and an email? When should each be used?

A post is a message published on the student and/or parent Portal by a member of the school staff. Such messages are displayed in the form of a news feed. 

An email is a message sent from an Outlook account to the mailbox of selected recipients.  

Send a post when: 

  • You want to notify parents and students quickly (about a snow storm, for example); 
  • You want to send a general message (e.g., to welcome students back to school or share the quote of the week); 
  • You want to offer encouragement; 
  • Your message does not require a response. 

Send an email when: 

  • Your message requires a response; 
  • You want to attach a document. 

 To learn more about emails and posts, check out this video (starting at 11:42). 

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