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Who can use the SCF?

The administration creates support plans and can designate members of the school team to be in charge of follow-up, adding means and assigning people to be in charge of means.

Therefore, if a teacher or resource staff has been delegated responsibility for a plan, it is possible for them to record information in the SCF. All a student’s teachers can also read the information entered in the student’s SCF.

Parents and students can also have access to some of the information contained in the SCF if they are authorized to do so by the person responsible of the support plan. They could even be responsible for and comment on a specific strategy, such as reading 5 minutes a day with their child.

Good to know
Only the administration can create plans (we based this on how the individualized education plan currently functions in the network). Only the administration is officially authorized to create plans.

For administrations using the OIM, teachers can request that a support plan be created when they are entering an observation. An automated protocol may be created so that the principal is informed when a plan needs to be created.

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