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What’s the difference between a support plan and an individualized education plan?

An individualized education plan is an official MEQ document put in place by a school administration to help a student succeed academically. The reasons for creating an individualized education plan are serious and require professional advice and evaluation. The process of implementing and monitoring the individualized education plan is strictly regulated and requires meetings with all involved (teachers, parents and the student). The administration also must report to its school organization the number of individualized education plans it is following in the school.

The support plan is a simple tool that is lighter to manage. It makes it possible to implement different means and carry out follow-up and evaluation. No formal or official process is required. Its use and scope can be decided by the school team. The support plan is a basic element that can later be used to develop an individualized education plan.

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Ultimately, the student confidential file will follow the student throughout their academic career, regardless of the school organization.

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