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1. Course plan 2. Automated protocols 3. Seating plan  4. Group planning 5. Posts

The 5 P’s for the school year: a summary!

1. Course plan

This is the plan for all the activities you envision for the school year. It can also be saved for your teaching years to come. Remember that you can start your lesson plan before your groups are assigned to you. 

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2. Automated protocols

This module allows your principal to recreate and automate the school’s policies by linking them to the Observation and Intervention Monitoring (OIM). An alert notifies you of any actions that need to be taken.

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3. Seating plan

This is a tool that allows you to recreate the physical layout of your class virtually. It helps you to locate your students more quickly, and you can use it later to do various follow-ups (Active monitoring, accommodations, taking attendance).

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4. Group planning

Group planning allows you to share activities of your choice in your students’ agenda and their parents’ agenda, through their respective portals.

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5. Posts

This is a quick communication tool that allows you to send general messages to students or their parents that do not require a response (e.g., reminders, quotations). These messages will be displayed in the student and/or parent portal. Useful links:

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