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Can we modify the descriptors that we find in OIM?

In the OIM form, there are drop-down lists that present descriptors (descriptions of actions) for both observations and interventions. These lists were established following research and work carried out by education specialists.

It is not possible to modify or delete descriptors in the OIM.

The goal is to standardize the descriptors across all school organizations, as it is planned to reuse behavioral data from the OIM to add them to Active Monitoring to further refine the algorithms to even more effectively identify students requiring attention. particular.

Worth knowing:

OIM descriptors are associated with a category. Before choosing a descriptor, you need to select a category. Below is a complete list of available descriptors, sorted by category. These lists are also sorted by school level: Preschool-Primary, Secondary and GE / VE.

Descriptors list in the OIM

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